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If you are a homeowner in Greyfield North, you will find all the information you need to be well informed about our neighborhood. If you are a homeowner visiting our website, or thinking of purchasing a home in Greyfield North, welcome! Please scroll down for some general information about our neighborhood amenities. You are also welcome to peruse the site by making menu item selections above. Please note that some areas are password protected and only available to current homeowners.

Greyfield is an established covenant restricted Cobb County neighborhood with large lots and well maintained homes and properties. We secure our neighborhood with security cameras, and neighbor watches out for neighbor. Our homes maintain their value and sell quickly for these reasons and because we are so well located near great schools, churches, recreational activities, shopping, and eateries. The common areas are all-inclusive with the annual fees, as are several social activities planned throughout the year.

The pool offers many hours of family fun May thru September. It is a private neighborhood pool available to all homeowners as part of the annual HOA fee. The tennis courts can be viewed from the deck side. The area is equipped with a permanent shade structure, tables with umbrellas, poolside lounge chairs, and of course a bathroom with showers.

Homeowners also have year-round access to our beautifully maintained private tennis courts. Convenience features include bench seating, ball holders, and trash cans. No additional fees are required, as it is included as part of the annual HOA dues.

How about a pickup game of Basketball? Young and old alike have been known to show their athleticism (or lack thereof) on the basketball court located in the pool parking lot area.

For our young children, we have a large playset equipped with a slide, swings, and plenty of opportunities to climb or crawl. Neighbors can come join the fun anytime. The playground is located at the front of the neighborhood at the pool area.

Our social committee does a great job in planning several organized activities or events each year - some are for the entire family, and some are just for adults. Examples include an ice cream party for the last day of school, an outdoor movie, or a progressive dinner.
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